Credit Note Item


Credit Note Item is a type of financial record representing adjustments on the atomic level to a Credit Note that is referenced within an issued invoice. Adjustment details relevant to the Credit Note record are mentioned in via Credit Note Items.

In some cases, credit note items are used where there are no associated invoice records to link

Create a Credit Note Item

The following fields are required

  • objectType: type of financial record. For Credit Note Item, the value is "credit-note-item".
  • id: unique identifier of this record. This is external id received by Leapfin.
  • amount: the amount of the purchased goods or services excluding tax and discount. The value should be negative.
  • currencyCode: 3-digit ISO code of amount field, e.g. “USD”, "GBP", etc. This is the primary currency of this record.
  • date: the date-time when this credit-note-item is created.

The following fields are optional but are commonly needed for creating journal entries

  • description: a general description of the credit-note-item
  • startDate: for subscription items, this is the start date-time of the subscription.
  • endDate: for subscription items, this is the end date-time of the subscription.
  • exchangeRates: a list of exchange rates used to calculate currency conversions
    • currencyCode: 3-digit ISO code, e.g. “USD”, "GBP", etc. This is the target currency of this record
    • rate: conversion rate from primary currency to target currency. i.e. amount in primary currency * rate = converted amount in target currency.
  • links: directional relationships pointing from this record to other financial records. Credit Note Item is commonly linked to Credit Note.
    • objectType: type of the target financial record, e.g. "Credit Note"
    • id: the unique identifier of the target financial record
  • customFields: additional fields (i.e. key-value pairs) related to this record

Sample Data

    "objectType": "credit-note-item",
    "id": "credit_note_item_001",
    "amount": -30,
    "currencyCode": "USD",
    "description": "a sample credit note item",
    "date": "2021-01-16T11:28:31",
    "startDate": "2021-01-20T00:00:00",
    "endDate": "2022-01-21T00:00:00",
    "exchangeRates": [
        "currencyCode": "EUR",
        "rate": 0.84
        "currencyCode": "GBP",
        "rate": 0.73
    "links": [
        "objectType": "credit-note",
        "id": "creditnote_001"
    "customFields": {
      "field1": "value1",
      "field2": "value2"

Query a Credit Note Item

Currently, the Credit Note Item is not available within Snowflake for querying.