Custom Field Assignment


Many organizations have their organization-specific use cases with their financial data on Leapfin for Journal Entry creation or reporting.

One common use case is:

  • Adding a product tag based on id, name, description. Usually these are used for rule configurations based on these parameters, or to generate a search results based on these parameters

Custom field assignments typically are configured by Solution Architects to handle customer-specific requirements using fields from data sources.


Required parameters

recordTypeUser must specify a single Leapfin data type on which the custom fields is used
List[field]a list of new data fields to be added to the selected record
field.namespaceThe namespace path to the field configured by the user (e.g. "customField.productName")
field.valueThe intended value of the new field. It can be either a text, numeric, or date value

Optional parameters

filterStringa string to filter on objectType (default is null, i.e. no filter)


Product tagging

Currently, Netflix has two types of subscriptions, Monthly and Annual. Netflix uses Stripe to process payments. On the stripe-payment object, there's a description field that has "monthly subscription plan" or "annual subscription plan".

Using the Custom Field Assignment feature, the user can create a custom field called customField.subscription that shows up on the desired Leapfin records as either "annual" or "monthly" and create or update journal entries.

  • filter:
    • leapfinDataType = "leapfinLineItem"
    • and leapfinLineItem.description contains "monthly subscription plan"
  • List[newField]:
    • = "customFields.subscription"
    • newField.value = "monthly"

Arbitrary use case

Currently, Netflix uses Stripe use to process payments. Stripe charges $1.45 to process Netflix's $30 monthly plan. Netflix's FP&A team wants to identify all stripe fees incurred from Stripe that are above $1.45 and label them as "Stripe Fee" and declare them as "Large" fees.

  • filter:
    • leapfinDataType = "leapfinFee"
    • and leapfinFee.amount > 1.45
  • List[newField]:
    • field 1:
      • = "description" (update existing field)
      • newField.value = "Stripe Fee"
    • field 2:
      • = "customFields.feeSize" (create new field)
      • newField.value = "Large"