Edit Financial Record


While data are automatically imported and processed on Leapfin Platform, exceptions may occur due to unexpected data or edge cases. Such exceptions often requires manual investigation and fix.

On Leapfin Platform, financial records can be manually edited by users with "admin" access.

How to Edit

To manually edit a financial record, follow the steps below.

Step 1: find the record to edit

Find the financial record using the search page. Navigate to the transaction view page. Click on the "Update" button next to the financial record type.

Step 2: update field values

Both standard fields and custom fields on the records are available for editing.

Additional custom fields can also be added using the "Add a custom field" box.

Step 3: save the changes

After finishing edits, click on "Next" button to see a overview of the changes. To save the changes, click on "Confirm" button.

It usually takes less than 1 minute for the system to reprocess the financial record. The page will automatically refresh after processing.


Data processing behind the scene

When a financial record is manually edited, not only the edited fields are changed, but also the associated journal entries are updated.

In the example on the screenshots, amount value is changed from 126 to 1260. As a result, the journal entry amounts are changed from 119.70 to 1253.70. This is because the journal entry amount, in this case, is configured as "amount - discountAmount". When amount value is edited, the journal entry is updated automatically.

Once updated, a badge will be displayed to indicate that the financial record has been manually edited.