Financial Data Records

Financial Record

Financial Records in Leapfin are data objects representing operational/transactional finance and accounting impacting events and entities in an organization.

Financial Records are NOT independent. Instead they form rather complex relationships. E.g. An invoice object contains multiple line-item objects, each line-item object may be associated with a tax object. When the invoice is paid, a payment object is created and linked to the invoice object. The payment object may be later refunded, etc.

The relationships among objects are critical because the financial impact of related objects are interdependent. E.g a refund to a subscription line-item will impact the amortization schedule for that line-item.

Financial Records and their relationships are modeled as a graph in Leapfin. It is flexible and fast in handling high complexity data at a scale

Common types of financial records are invoices, payments, refunds, disputes, payouts, credits, etc.

Example Financial Record Graph


(Actual relationships can be more complex and vary by organization)

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