Google Drive


Leapfin is a verified app on Google platform. We use OAuth2.0 for authentication between Leapfin platform and Google Drive Storage.

Step 1: Log into Leapfin account and navigate to Integration page

Step 2: Click on "Connect" button next to "Google Apps"

Step 3: Following the Google's sign-in process and grant access to Leapfin

Data Sources

After authentication, you need to work with Leapfin team to specify which file(s) should be uploaded to Leapfin Platform.


Only Google Sheets are supported currently. Files in other format cannot be uploaded to Leapfin Platform.

For each file to be uploaded, the following information should be provided to Leapfin team

  • document id (required): the unique identifier of the spreadsheet. The document id can be found in the URL of the document.
  • data type (required): a unique string that represents the type of records on the spreadsheet. For example, "googlesheet-invoice", "googlesheet-shipment"
  • id columns (required): the name of the column that uniquely defines a row. It can also be a comma-separated string of column names that collectively yield a unique identifier per row.
  • map header yes/no (optional): if yes, each row of the spreadsheet will be uploaded as a json object with column names as keys and cell contents as values. Otherwise, each row will be uploaded as an array of cell contents. The default is "yes".
  • data range (optional): by default all data on the primary tab of the spreadsheet will be uploaded. "data range" can be used to specify which tabs and cells should be uploaded. For example: "'sheet 2'!a1:zz999".