Data Record Links


  • As mentioned in Financial Data Records, the financial impact of records can be interdependent, hence the financial records and their relations are represented as a graph. With relations in mind, each financial record can be linked to another within the graph via reference.
  • For example. a payment workflow will contain an invoice leading to a payment which can lead to a dispute. Each financial record will have a link from one to another.

Query a Link

The VW_RL_LINK table consists of unidirectional links represented as rows. Details regarding the linked records are represented in fields with the term LINKED.

A record can have many linked records. Each link/relation is represented as a row within the table. If many rows have the same LEAPFIN_ID and different LINKED_LEAPFIN_IDs , then this will be a one-to-many relation.

Column NameDescription
CREATED_AT_DTThe Timestamp of when the link is created
DECODED_LEAPFIN_ID_VTdecoded version of LEAPFIN_ID in JSON format. It contains the following values:

- external_code: the unique identifier of this record. This is an external id received by Leapfin.
- integration_id: the unique identifier of the data source. This is an internal id created by Leapfin.
- leapfin_data_type: type of financial record, i.e. "LeapfinRecognitionEvent"
- leapfin_suffix: additional string to distinguish different financial records when the same external_code is received from the data source.
- raw_data_type: type of raw data record received from the data source.
DECODED_LINKED_LEAPFIN_ID_VTdecoded version of the Linked LEAPFIN_ID in JSON format. The values resemble what is shown above.
LEAPFIN_DATA_TYPEType of Leapfin object
LEAPFIN_IDunique identifier created by Leapfin.
LINKED_LEAPFIN_DATA_TYPEType of Linked Leapfin object
LINKED_LEAPFIN_IDUnique identifier of the linked Leapfin Object
ORGANIZATION_IDThe unique identifier of the organization
UPDATED_AT_DTThe Timestamp of when the Record Link was last updated

Note: All timestamps do not consider time zone. To learn more, click here

Query Linked Records

Users can use this table to link between records and perform forms of aggregation. For example, in order to understand all of the payments tied to invoices, the LEAPFIN_DATA_TYPE can be filtered for all leapfinInvoice records while the LINKED_LEAPFIN_DATA_TYPE can be filtered for all leapfinPayment records.

Then, you may use either identifier, LEAPFIN_ID or LINKED_LEAPFIN_ID to connect to respective tables for those records ( VW_FT_INVOICE or VW_FT_PAYMENT) and complete further analysis.

Please note, if you'd like to investigate all the payments tied to invoices (vice versa to the example above), you would have to filter inversely, ie. LEAPFIN_DATA_TYPE = LeapfinPayment & LEAPFIN_DATA_TYPE = LeapfinInvoice). This is due to the unidirectional representation of links within the table.