Connecting Recurly with Leapfin is very simple, and overall should not take more than 2-3 minutes. There are two pieces of information we need to import your Recurly data: your Recurly subdomain and your Recurly Private API key. Please follow the instructions below step-by-step:

Step 1: Log into your Recurly dashboard


Step 2: Get Recurly Subdomain
On the left side navigation menu, please go to Configuration > Site Settings. Record the Recurly Subdomain.

Step 3: Get Recurly API Key: Part 1

Under the left side navigation menu, go to Developers > API Credentials. You can give us the Default API Key, but we recommend adding a new API key for Leapfin so you can manage access specifically for Leapfin, so please click on “Add Private API Key”.

Step 4: Get Recurly API Key: Part 2

We recommend the following settings:

  • Key Name: Leapfin
  • Read Only: Checked
  • Application Using this Key: Other…
  • Application Name: Leapfin

Then click Save Changes

Step 5: Get Recurly API Key: Part 3

Copy the Private API Key that you just created:

Step 6: Enter Subdomain and API Key into Leapfin

That's it! It may take some time for your first import depending on your volume of transactions

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