S3 Bucket


Connecting Amazon S3 with Leapfin is quick and easy. There are a couple of pieces of information we need to access your bucket:

  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key
  • S3 Bucket Name
  • S3 Data Ingestion Configuration (optional)

Step 1: Log into your Leapfin account and navigate to the Integration page

Step 2: Click on the "Connect" button next to "Amazon S3"

Step 3: There are a couple of data points required in order to pull from your S3 bucket


How Leapfin can access AWS

In order for Leapfin to effectively access Amazon S3, there should be an account created for Leapfin specifically with the correct security and access policies (read permissions) in place to pull exclusively. The account can be named 'leapfin'. If Leapfin is required to push data to this bucket, write permissions will be needed.

Otherwise, Leapfin's personal account 'leapfin-aws-account' can be granted cross-account-access to the appropriate s3 bucket

Please follow the instructions listed below to get the required fields after logging into your aws account:

  1. For Access Key ID and Secret Access Key:

    1. Choose Users on the Navigation Console in the IAM Console

      1. Select the respective 'leapfin' IAM User
    2. Click My Security Credentials

    3. Expand the Access Keys Section

    4. If you need to reference a new set of credentials, choose Create New Access Key. After clicking, you will see the access key ID and Secret Access Key which you can copy into another file or download as a file.

      If you need to reference an old set of credentials, please reference the previous access key ID and Secret Access Key saved for the respective IAM user.

    5. Note: Only the user's access key ID is visible. The secret access key can only be retrieved when the key is created.

    6. To learn more, please click here

  2. For S3 Bucket Name:

    1. Go to the S3 Management Console
    2. Find the respective bucket you would like Leapfin to connect to and copy the bucket name

Data Sources

After authentication, you need to work with the Leapfin team to specify which file(s) should be uploaded to the Leapfin Platform. This information can be inputted into the "S3 Data Ingestion Configuration" field for Leapfin to reference.

For each file to be uploaded, the following information should be provided to the Leapfin team:

  • ID Fields (required): A list of fields that can be concatenated to define a unique identifier for the row within Leapfin
  • Data Type (required): a unique string that represents the type of records on the spreadsheet. This can be statically defined or based on the existence of a field name or value within a file.
  • File Date (required): any files created on or after the file date will be processed
  • File Path (required): a regular expression to select files from the s3 integration. An example can be .*json$ which will look for all files that end with ".json"
  • PII fields(optional): list of fields that contain PII info, those fields will be pruned