Sandbox Accounts


This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Sandbox Accounts in Leapfin. Currently, this process involves working with the Implementation team to


Sandbox is supported for Enterprise customers out of the box.

To access Sandbox support, talk to your customer success representative.

Step 1: Contact the Leapfin Support Team

Contact [email protected] to configure Sandbox for your organization.

Step 2: Identify the parameters of your Sandbox Environment

Here's what Leapfin will need from you in order to configure the environment:

  • The timespan of data that you would like to see within Leapfin. Leapfin's policy allows you to store up to (but not exceed) three months of data in your sandbox environment. Typically, this data is ported over from your production instance across the various integrations connected.
  • The users who will need access to the account
  • The alias character string that you would like to use for accessing the Sandbox account

Step 3: Send the Data through a Sandbox API Endpoint

Once you have identified the data set to push to Leapfin, the Leapfin team will provide access to a restricted API endpoint for you to send test data. This is in the case if you'd like to send additional data to the Sandbox, apart from the production data ported over, or if you'd like to solely send test data to the Sandbox.

Step 4: Test it

The Leapfin team will configure an environment for you to use as a Sandbox and provide you with access to it and the necessary accounts. Additionally, you will be provided with an alias for logging in that is similar to your experience signing into your live account, ie. "Leapfin Sandbox".