Signing into Leapfin


This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to sign into Leapfin Platform.

Step 1. Enter your Company Alias

Before accessing Leapfin, you'll be asked to provide your company's alias and user credentials so we can provide the right sign-in experience.

Company aliases are defined by the following rules:

  • No spaces or hyphens. The only special characters allowed are:
    • Dots
    • Dashes
    • Underscores
  • Any trailing acronyms such as Inc. or Corp. is not included within the alias
  • Sandbox environments are denoted with a .sandbox at the end of the alias
  • For example, the company "Newsletter Incorporated" will have the following company alias: Newsletter. If you'd like to access the Sandbox environment, you would enter Newsletter.sandbox
  • The names are not case-sensitive (upper or lower).

First time using Leapfin?

If you have never signed into Leapfin before, to get your company alias:

  1. Ask an existing Leapfin user in your organization
  2. Ask [email protected]

Don't know or can't find your company alias?

If you have signed in to Leapfin before, Leapfin can email you your company's alias. Simply click "Find Company Name" on the sign-in page and enter your email. If it matches your email in Leapfin, you'll receive your company alias with a link to go back to the company sign-in page.

Sandbox Accounts

If you have a sandbox account, you can sign in to that by adding ".sandbox" to your company alias. For example, for the company name Newsletter, the company alias for the respective sandbox will be "Newsletter.sandbox".

Step 2. Sign in with your User Credentials

With SSO

Signing in via Leapfin

If your company has enabled SSO, after clicking "Sign in with SSO", you will be redirected to an IdP provider sign-in screen where you can enter your SSO credentials to sign in and come back to Leapfin.


SSO is an Enterprise feature

If you are interested to learn more or set it up, please contact [email protected]

Signing in via IdP Provider

If your company has enabled SSO, you can sign into Leapfin via the apps portal in your IdP provider. For example, on the Okta homepage, click on the 4 tile icon and click into the dashboard configured within your portal.

Click into the Leapfin app tile and you will be directed to the two-factor authentication screen in Leapfin.

Not able to sign in?

If you see an error message "SSO login failed," reach out to your internal team managing SSO to resolve the issue.

Without SSO

If your company has not enabled SSO, you'll see a generic sign-in screen asking for your email and password.


Leapfin Password Policy

These policies apply to all users within Leapfin:

  • A password must contain atleast 8 characters including one number and atleast one non-number
  • The maximum amount of failed login attempts for a user is 10. This specifically applies to Step 3, the Two-Factor Authentication step in the login flow.
  • User sessions have a session limit of 2 hours. If a user has clicked on "Remember my Device for 4 weeks" during Step 2, then the limit gets increased to 4 weeks.
  • Currently, there are no policies around password history/re-usability or expiration.

Step 3. Complete Two-Factor Authentication

Leapfin uses two-factor authentication for extra security. Leapfin will email you a verification code to enter, then take you to the home screen.

Look for the subject line "Leapfin Authentication Code". If you didn't receive an email, check your spam or resend another verification email to your inbox.