Leapfin supports a single timezone on the platform. If your Leapfin account needs multiple reporting time zones, a separate Leapfin account is required for each timezone.


Each customer account must specify a single organization timezone in Leapfin. User can navigate to organization settings and verify their timezone.

How timezone impacts Leapfin

Accounting logic

All code logic uses timezone to determine date values and process data.


Search filters only support date values in the organization timezone. Timezone configuration is not supported.


Standard and custom reports are generated based on the organization's timezone. Timezone configuration is not supported.

Company Details Settings

All date values displayed on here are assumed to be under the organization's timezone.

User can verify the the organization timezone here as well (not editable).

Changing Timezones

Client is not allowed to change organization timezone on Company Details Settings. They must send a request to Leapfin to [email protected]

Client is not advised to change organization timezone in Leapfin. If change is required, all historical data has to be re-processed. The accounting numbers are subject to change.