Transaction Audit History Tracking


Transaction Changelog

This is the change history of each Leapfin financial record. The information is accessible on Leapfin App at the per-record level.

This feature is useful for auditors who might want to see the data used to create the journal entry on this Leapfin object.

The three most common key audit events types are defined below:

  • Item created: the date-time when the Leapfin financial record is created
  • Raw data imported: the date-time when the source data is imported
  • Raw data updated: the date-time when the source data is updated

A change in audit history will be recorded when any of the following events occur, which creates a ChangedAttributes you see in the screenshot above:

  • path - a list of keys that leads to the attribute being changed
  • addition - JSON representing additions made to the attribute
  • deletion - JSON representing deletions made to the attribute

How to access

After finding the desired financial record, click "Details" and subsequently "History" from the dropdown.

The following information will be displayed

Data lineage

RawDataImported: Shows when the data was imported from the data source (Paypal, Stripe, etc)

ItemCreated: Shows when this Leapfin financial record was created, and click on the Show Details button to display the data used to create the Leapfin object

  1. To see details of the data lineage, click on the "show details" button

  1. This will show the details of ItemCreated

  1. You can also click on the raw data object itself to view the details