Transaction Search


To get into the nitty and gritty of your financial data, Leapfin offers search functionality that will help you to find the financial records you need; whether it's for audit purposes, spot-checking data or reconciliation for discrepancies.

How to Search

Search Tab

By clicking on the Search Tab on the navigation bar at the top, you'll be taken to the Search page intro. Here you can select to view all the financial records by clicking "Show All Data" or you can create your query by clicking "Create a search query"

By clicking "Create a Search Query" a modal will pop up to define your predicates and filters. Filter parameters are distinct for each financial record type. Filters are dependent on:

  • the financial records that Leapfin ingests for you and their respective fields, ie. "Line Item: Date"
  • the custom fields tied to each financial record type that is ingested, ie. "Payment: Custom Field 1"
  • the accounts defined within the organization, ie "Schedules Filter: 10000 Accounts Receivable"
    • Note: account specific filters are relative to the date period in which you would like to see results
  • and Overall, the type of field you are looking to filter by. Currently, Dates, Strings, and Integers are supported with their respective options.

For example, to search for all LineItems that were created past the day of January 01, 2023, here is what a query would look like:

Once you click "Save", results are shown within the Search Results experience.

Multi-Group Conditions

To add multiple groups of conditions, you can choose to click "Add Group" within the query config screen and join multiple sets of filters by an AND or OR. For example, if you'd like to find all of the line items between the period of February 2023 AND the month of February 2022, your search would look something like this:

Multi-Parameter, Single Group Conditions

For the purpose of filtering for results, you can add multiple conditions by clicking "Add Condition" to search across records in Leapfin. This is helpful when looking to do something similar like payment matching within a specific period. For example, to search for invoices billed within February 2022 and not paid in the same period, your search would look something like this:

Revenue Drilldown

Another way to get to the search page is if you are viewing the Revenue dashboard and you'd like to drill down into a specific cell based on the product, account, and any dashboard filters. The filters applied, the product, and the account specified will be ported into the search query for you to see relative results to the drill-down in the period chosen.

Note, the one thing to notice will be that you will have a specific revenue column in the results respective to the account chosen and there will be a "Revenue" field within the summary panel on the right which is reflective of what you had drilled down from before.

Exporting Data

To save the results of the search query made for further analysis/breakdown, click the download icon in the Search Summary panel to download the results in an excel format. Once the report has finished processing, it will be available to download via email. The email will be titled: "Your Leapfin Report is Ready". All relevant attributes tied to the resultant financial records are captured in the report for analysis.

Note: If you download a search resulting from a Revenue page drill-down, the resulting revenue column in the search results will also be shown within the reports.