User Access Control


Leapfin provides access and privilege within the platform on a user-role basis. For example, users in Leapfin that are of admin type have the access to lock Journal entry data across a respective month period.

User Types and Privileges

Leapfin users are identified in the following types of roles:


Viewers have limited access to Leapfin including:

  • Triggering and downloading custom reports
  • Searching for respective Financial Transactions and filtering
  • Viewing, filtering, and exporting aggregated Journal Entry data from the Revenue page
  • Changing account password


On top of viewer rights, Admins have the following rights:

  • Modifying financial records: to learn more, click here
  • Modifying journal entries tied to financial records: to learn more, click here
  • Locking periods of data: to learn more, click here
  • Enabling/Disabling Single Sign-On: to learn more, click here
  • Inviting and Managing User Access to Leapfin: to learn more, scroll down to the Managing Users section

Managing Users

Managing users can be done by going to the "Users" tab in the dropdown on the top right of the navigation bar. Here you can see a list of users broken down by different types:

  • Active Users: users that have access to Leapfin
  • Inactive Users: users that have been deactivated by an admin role in Leapfin
  • Pending Users: users that have received an invitation to Leapfin but have not yet joined the platform.

To find a particular user, use the search bar on top of the user list table to search across email and name. Note, that the search is case-sensitive across these two fields.

Inviting Users to Leapfin

To invite users to Leapfin, click on "Invite User" at the top right of the user list table and enter the respective name, email, and role access type.

Once filled out, click "Create User" and the user will receive a welcome invitation email to Leapfin.

Editing User Details and Access to Leapfin

To edit the access for an existing user in Leapfin, simply click on the edit icon (represented as a pencil) on the right side of the user record within the table. Here, you can change the Name, Email, and Role of the respective user and click "Save" to confirm.

Removing Access to Leapfin

In order to remove access for users in Leapfin, you can deactivate the respective users by clicking "Deactivate" when you edit a particular user as highlighted above. Once confirmed, the respective user will be moved to the "Inactive" section in the user list and will not be able to sign in to Leapfin.

Exporting User Lists

For purposes of audit or controls management, you can export the list of users by clicking "Export" at the top right of the page. After doing so, an excel file will be generated with the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Role
  • Status
  • Invite Date
  • Activated Date
  • Role Edited Date
  • Deactivated Date